Free Taichi in the Park – Sunday 24th May!!


FREE Tai Chi (Taiji) in the Park at LETNA – Sunday May 24th at 10:00am

Cvičení Tai Chi (Taiji) ZDARMA v parku na LETNÉ – Neděle 24.květen na 10:00

Practise is OUTSIDE and is WEATHER dependent.
Cvičení je VENKU a je proto závislé na POČASÍ.

The training is open to EVERYBODY (with or without experience). BEGINERS are welcome.
Cvičit může přijít KAŽDÝ.
Cvičení je vhodné i pro ZAČÁTEČNÍKY.

Instructions are both in ENGLISH and CZECH.
Pokyny ke cvičení jsou v ČEŠTINĚ a ANGLIČTINĚ.

Exercises are RELAXED and anybody can join it as much as he/she wants.
Cvičíme UVOLNĚNĚ a každý se může zapojit do cvičení jak sám chce.

TEACHER: Ivan Trebichavsky

UČITEL: Ivan Trebichavský
Come and try. It’s FREE!!

Přiďte si to sami vyzkoušet. Je to ZDARMA!



Karlov Spring Camp – May 2015

Taiwan-High-Mountain-Oolong-TeaHigh Quality Oolong Tea Now for Sale!!

We have just received another shipment of High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan.

On behalf of Zdravko we will be selling the Tea. We have 3 grades of Tea from Taiwan and One High grade Nepalese Oolong, please see the prices below;

High Mountain Taiwanese Oolong

Grade 1 – 380 Kc for 50g

Grade 2 – 240 Kc for 50g

Grade 3 – 170 Kc for 50g (This is similar quality to the tea we had at the Free Open Taiji day)

High Grade Nepalese Oolong

140 Kc for 50g

If you are interested just let us know, Spring and Summer are great time’s to enjoy these delicious teas.


image(1)Sri Lankan Taichi Camp – July 31 – Aug 9th!!

Holiday with exercise, meditation, inner work and harmonisation.
Takes place at 108 palms Beach Resort, in virgin nature on
a several kilometer long beach. Equipment of the resort is very
basic so we can realize how little we need for a satisfied life.
Srí Lanka offers a lot of buddhist and hindu temples and historic
places, which can also be visited.
Camp is organised in coordination with travel agency SIAM TRAVEL.

Regular program:

6:00–6:30 exercise
6:30–8:00 taichi
8:30–9:30 breakfast
11:00–12:00 breathing&ground work
12:30–13:30 lunch
17:00-18.30 taichi
18:30–19:30 dinner
20.00-20.30 static postures

The intention of the Camp

Holiday with voluntary taichi practice according to participant’s choice. The practice is focused on detoxification
of our inner space, strengthening of our bodies and finding the quiet attunement of our mind.
Instructors: Paul Renall and Lenka Ryšková…


Karlov 6

Spring Taichi Camp at Karlov – May 1-3rd 2015!!

Three day workshop at Jizerské mountains, we’ll practice taiji approx 6 hours a day.
Workshop is open to complete beginners too.

Systematic body activation and relaxation. Attunement of the breath and consciousness in the body.
Recognizing the toxic emotions and thoughts. Harmonisation.

There are nice walks around, non taiji friends are welcome.
Price without the taichi practise 1.200 Kč (accomodation, lunch and dinner).

Instructors: Paul Renall, Lenka Ryšková

WHEN: 1.-3. May 2015 (arrival Fri morning)
WHERE: Karlov by Josefův Důl, Jizerské mountains
PRICE: 2.400 Kč
APPLICATIONS:, 606 643 873


Earthing – The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Ever wondered how to Ground yourself??

In 2010 an award winning book was published;

Earthing – The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

“Earthing” is the landmark discovery that Earth’s subtle surface energy field upholds the electrical stability of our bodies; thus serving as a foundation for vitality and health. In an age of rampant chronic disease due to the stresses of modern day life, reconnecting with the Earth’s energy beneath our feet provides a way back to better health. The profound effect of Earthing provides amazing healing, calming and balancing effects on our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Recently a New Website was created, Earthing.CZ Official distributor of Earthing Products in the Czech Republic. The website was made to offer Czech based people the chance to purchase Earthing Products for the cheapest prices in Europe. Take a look now…


Taichi Sword Form - First SectionNew Discounted Video Membership Prices!!

The Taiji School has now made it possible to view all our Video content through paying a Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Membership.


Monthly Membership = 9.95 euro

Quarterly Membership = 6.95 euro per month

Yearly Membership = 4.95 euro per month

Breathing 7Breathing Course Starting soon – March 31st!!

One or Two Evenings per week,

  • Tuesday from 18:00-19:00 (Letna Park, Praha 7)
  • Wednesday from 18:00-19:00 (Základní škola Grafická, Grafická 1060/13, Praha 5-Smíchov)

Enhance your health and conditioning, remove stress and rejuvenate through unique static and dynamic breathwork exercises.

No previous experience or fitness level is required, this IS how you get in shape physically and psychologically. Individual training process for every participant based on his/her abilities and goals. Ideal for athletes who wish to maximize performance, for professionals in high risk settings and for any person wishing to overcome irritability, fatigue and frustrations of everyday life and to gain energy, strength and happiness…

Click for more details….


IMG_1551New Taiji Courses Starting In March/April!!

The following is a list of the New Taiji Courses, their locations and their starting dates in March/April 2015;

For more information please click here.


IMG_1832Workshop Schedule for 2015

The following is the initial Taichi Workshop, Camp and Residential Schedule for 2015. We want to let people know the dates so they can prepare, more detailed information will be coming soon. Please note that there may be updates especially for the Autumn season.

Taichi Workshop in the Netherlands

March 13-15th

Taichi Workshop in Stockholm

March 27-29th

Czech Spring Taichi Camp

May 1-3rd…..and more


Taiji Food – Free eBook from our Italian Chef!!

Taiji Food ImageThose that participated in the recent Prague Summer Taiji Residential training were extremely fortunate to have the experience of letting our Italian Chef, Stefania, play with the balance of our taste buds!

Every morning, midway through the 3.5 hour training session, Stefania would unveil another “Snack Masterpiece”. Not only were the snacks delicious but very healthy too…from exquisite hummus to succulent cakes mmmm…I think people must have been more interested in coming for the food than the training.

The exciting news is that Stefania has created a wonderful little book, Taiji Food, detailing all 31 of the recipes she created over the Residential, and thanks to her generosity its completely Free!!!..


Taichi for Kids2Taichi Asociace ČR

The Taiji School is part of the Taichi Asociace ČR (Czech Republic).

The Taichi Asociace ČR is a non-profit organization aimed at spreading the benefits of Taiji.

Teaching Taiji in the English language is the The Taiji School’s main role in this organization.

Kids Taiji, Elderly Taiji and Taiji in the Czech Language are also taught under this Association, please click on the links below for more information;…


P1090338-002How have the Personal Training’s helped you??

Read what students are saying about their Personal Trainings;

“Personal training with Paul is always tailored to your needs…..” Ema

“….I think that more or less everybody has come across the gravitational field in their lives…” Stefania

Inspiring, it is creative, it makes me think in a non-conventional way,…” Zdravko

It´s a lot about attention and vigilance, holistic (nonverbal) communication….” Cecilia

“….taiji “softness” around, so you have the best opportunity to catch it/receive it and feel it….” Lucka