Taichi ResidentialPrague Summer Taichi Residential – July 2014!!

**Come for one session or the whole month!! Beginners encouraged to join in!!

From July 1st to July 27th 2014, the Taiji School offers the Prague Summer Taichi Residential Training.

Coming from our experience of park training in the last three years, we want to offer a space for training based on following, exploring and playing with whatever comes alive for every student. Thus allowing the body to learn through experience not only through intellectual understanding…


Beskydy Taiji Hike – 31st July – 3rd August!!Beskydy

From Thursday the 31st of July to Sunday the 3rd or August we are planning a 4 day/3 night Beskydy Taiji Hike around the Beautiful Beskydy mountains.

The trip would involve staying in the local Chata’s (Chateaus), some taiji training morning and evening, and some hiking in unspoilt terrain, as well berry, herb and mushroom picking!

We would take a train to Bocanovice Station, near Jablunkov, from there we would start the walk;…


New Beginners Class – Monday and Wednesday Evenings!!P1080035

  • Five Relaxing Exercises
  • 37 Posture Short Form.
  • Stepping Form
  • Basic Partner Work

When: Monday 17.30-18.30, as well as Wednesday 18:00 – 19:15

Price: Subscription (800 kc per month) or 150kc per class.

Where: Letna Park, please see Map

Taught by; Paul Renall, (In English)

Interested in giving Taiji a go? Well this is the class to come and try, starting right at the beginning of the form we will slowly progress step by step through the Relaxing Exercises and both of the Form’s. No experience is necessary, or required.

Older Students wishing to refresh the form are also welcome to join in.

The venue will be in a quiet location in the beautiful Letna Park…

Free Open Taichi Day – May 2014


New Partner Work Class – Started Monday the 26th May!!P1080457

  • Develop skills that will keep you healthy
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Explore how you function under stress
  • Learn practical, healthy ways to overcome adversity
  • Deiscover self confidence

When: Monday 19:00 – 20:30

Price: Subscription (800 kc per month) or 150kc per class.

Where: Gym ZŠ Strossmayerovo nám. 4, Praha 7 (metro Vltavska)

This Course is open to everyone, you do not need to practice Taichi to join in with this group…

Stedronin Spring Camp – May 2014

Protaj-ci se ke zdraví – April 2014

Taichi for Kids2Taichi Asociace ČR

The Taiji School is part of the Taichi Asociace ČR (Czech Republic).

The Taichi Asociace ČR is a non-profit organization aimed at spreading the benefits of Taiji.

Teaching Taiji in the English language is the The Taiji School’s main role in this organization.

Kids Taiji, Elderly Taiji and Taiji in the Czech Language are also taught under this Association, please click on the links below for more information;…


Slack line after the Saturday Class – March 29th 2014

facebook taichi

Now on Facebook!!

The Taiji School is now on Facebook!!


Yes, it has taken forever, and it is only because of a well intentioned student that the page has come into fruition.

Maybe it will be more easy to follow our updates now??

Strelecky ostrovFree Taichi in the Park – Now on!! 

In an attempt to try to promote and spread this wonderful art, The Taiji School offers Free Wednesday Park Trainings at the Beautiful Strelecky ostrov, from 12.00-13.00, please see Map.

The trainings are open to everybody. (With or without experience.)

As the trainings are outside, they will be dependent on the weather.

Students should be aware however that the trainings are not classes. Students can come and go as they please, and they are responsible for their own practice….


P1090338-002How have the Personal Training’s helped you??

Read what students are saying about their Personal Trainings;

“Personal training with Paul is always tailored to your needs…..”   Ema

“….I think that more or less everybody has come across the gravitational field in their lives…”   Stefania

Inspiring, it is creative, it makes me think in a non-conventional way,…”    Zdravko

It´s a lot about attention and vigilance, holistic (nonverbal) communication….”    Cecilia

“….taiji “softness” around, so you have the best opportunity to catch it/receive it and feel it….”   Lucka


Prices for Classes in 2014!!

Please note that from the 6th of January 2014 the pricing structure of the classes will change. As of this date there will be two options in which students can choose to pay;

  • 800 Kc Monthly Subscription - This price covers all the classes available; Monday Form Class, Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday Conditioning Classes, Wednesday Alignment Class and Saturday Open Class. (does not include the Associated Classes, Workshops and the Personal Training). The subscription is for the calender month ie December, March….not from the date you paid.
  • Or 150 KcPrice per lesson

We are doing this to make the classes more affordable to the students who come to classes two or more times per week.


Taichi Sword Form - First SectionVideo Membership Now Available!!

The Taiji School  has now made it possible to view all our Video content through paying a monthly Membership.

For a good discount you can also purchase a three monthly membership (Quarterly) and a Yearly Membership.

Monthly Membership = 15 euro

Quarterly Membership = 36 euro (Save 9 euro)

Yearly Membership = 96 euro (Save 84 euro)…