STP60230Belgium Workshop – 19th October 2014!

On the 19th of October, The Taiji School will be giving a Workshop in Gent, Belgium.

The aim of the Workshop is to bring the fundamental Taiji principles within the body.

The workshop will be composed of two sessions;

  • Morning SessionUp and Down Movement, Relaxing Exercises and Form
  • Afternoon SessionForm and Partner Work

This workshop is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced students. All we ask is for you to come with an open attitude.

When: 9.00-12.00, 13.30-16.00 Sunday 19th October…


New Conditioning Course – Starting November 5th!!leg raises

  • Stretching
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Practice of the Four Fundamental Exercises

The aim of this class is to strengthen and stretch the body, particularly the ligaments and tendons, to develop the core body structure.

We will use basic breathing techniques and some basic integration exercises to develop this whole body connection.

When: Starts November 5th

Time; Wednesday’s 18:00 – 19:00

Price: 150kc per class.

Where: Gym ZŠ Strossmayerovo nám. 4, Praha 7 (metro Vltavska)

This Course is open to everyone! This is not Taiji and you don’t need to practice Taiji to join in!

Piano and Taiji – 18.00, Thursday the 25th Sep!!

Taiji PianoIn association with the Piano man of Prague, Ondrej Kobza, the Taiji School will be offering a Free Taiji Class accompanied by the Piano at Namesti Miru, in front of the Church of St. Ludmila (the big one by the metro).

The one off event will take place at 18.00 on Thursday the 25th of September. Everyone is welcome to come and join in!

Check out the facebook site;

Hopefully more info coming soon….

New Beginners Course – Starts September 8th!!IMG_1832

  • Five Relaxing Exercises
  • 37 Posture Short Form.
  • Stepping Form

When: September 8th – October 22nd (14 Classes)

Time: Monday 17.30-18.45, Wednesday 17:45 – 19:00

Price: Subscription 1400 kc or 150kc per class.

Where: Letna Park, please see Map

Taught by: Paul Renall, (In English)

Interested in giving Taiji a go? Well this is the course to come and try, starting right at the beginning of the form we will slowly progress step by step through the Relaxing Exercises and the Form. No experience is necessary, or required.

Older Students wishing to refresh the form are also welcome to join in.

The venue will be in a quiet location in the beautiful Letna Park.  Read more…


Prague Taichi Residential – July 2014

Taiji Food – Free eBook from our Italian Chef!!

Taiji Food ImageThose that participated in the recent Prague Summer Taiji Residential training were extremely fortunate to have the experience of letting our Italian Chef, Stefania, play with the balance of our taste buds!

Every morning, midway through the 3.5 hour training session, Stefania would unveil another “Snack Masterpiece”. Not only were the snacks delicious but very healthy too…from exquisite hummus to succulent cakes mmmm…I think people must have been more interested in coming for the food than the training.

The exciting news is that Stefania has created a wonderful little book, Taiji Food, detailing all 31 of the recipes she created over the Residential, and thanks to her generosity its completely Free!!!..

Taichi Sword Form - First SectionVideo Memberships – New Prices!!

The Taiji School has now made it possible to view all our Video content through paying a monthly Membership.

For a good discount you can also purchase a three monthly membership (Quarterly).

Monthly Membership = 12 euro

Quarterly Membership = 27 euro (Save 9 euro)

New Advanced Course – Starting September 8th!!IMG_2213

  • Stretching
  • Up and Down Movement
  • Detailed Work on One Relaxing Exercise per Session
  • Main Focus will be the Refinement of the “Grasp the Sparrows Tail” sequence of the Form
  • Go Through the Entire Form
  • Partnerwork

When: September 8th – October 20th (7 Classes)

Time: Monday 19:00 – 20:30

Price: Subscription 900 kc or 150kc per class.

Where: Gym ZŠ Strossmayerovo nám. 4, Praha 7 (metro Vltavska)

Taught by; Paul Renall, (In English)

This Course is only open to those students who have completed at least the First Section of the 37 posture short form.,

Tour de Beskydy – August 2014

Tai Chi Lessons In Belgium – Starting Soon!!DSC02104

Regular attendee of the Prague Summer Residential, Marleen Hoogstoel, will be starting some new Tai Chi lessons in Belgium at the start of September.

Tai Chi Lesson in Avelgem

Where: Turnzaal van de basisschool DeToekomst
              Kerkhofstraat 51
              8580 Avelgem

Introductory Lesson: 5 euro from 19.30-20.30 on the 11th of September

Regular Lessons: Beginners 19.30-20.30 (Course 1)
                               Advanced 20.30-21.30 (Course 2)

Price: 70 euro for 13 Lessons…

Looking for some High Quality Tea to buy??TeaLegends

Are you desperate to find some really high quality tea to buy?

We may have the answer…

Two of our Instructors, Zdravko and Alex are importing some amazing tea from China and Taiwan.

Alex has just initiated the Tea Cluba place where we can better offer some beautiful teas from around the world.

“Sometimes it will be oolongs from the Wuyi mountains, and sometimes there will be green teas. And then white, and then pu-erh. There are so many regions, farmers and variety in tea to be explored. We love it. And we hope you do too.”…


Taichi ResidentialPrague Summer Taichi Residential – July 2014!!

Residential Finished for this year – Click on the new photos now!!

From July 1st to July 27th 2014, the Taiji School offers the Prague Summer Taichi Residential Training.

Coming from our experience of park training in the last three years, we want to offer a space for training based on following, exploring and playing with whatever comes alive for every student. Thus allowing the body to learn through experience not only through intellectual understanding…


Taichi for Kids2Taichi Asociace ČR

The Taiji School is part of the Taichi Asociace ČR (Czech Republic).

The Taichi Asociace ČR is a non-profit organization aimed at spreading the benefits of Taiji.

Teaching Taiji in the English language is the The Taiji School’s main role in this organization.

Kids Taiji, Elderly Taiji and Taiji in the Czech Language are also taught under this Association, please click on the links below for more information;…

P1090338-002How have the Personal Training’s helped you??

Read what students are saying about their Personal Trainings;

“Personal training with Paul is always tailored to your needs…..”   Ema

“….I think that more or less everybody has come across the gravitational field in their lives…”   Stefania

Inspiring, it is creative, it makes me think in a non-conventional way,…”    Zdravko

It´s a lot about attention and vigilance, holistic (nonverbal) communication….”    Cecilia

“….taiji “softness” around, so you have the best opportunity to catch it/receive it and feel it….”   Lucka